How to Register

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How to Register

Registration for the SoCal FTC region has two main steps:

1. Register with FIRST and pay the $295 registration fee.

Two adult mentors register their team with FIRST at, whether you are a rookie or returning team. FIRST annual registration fee is $295.00. To be fully registered, two adult mentors must pass Youth Protection. After you have signed up with FIRST for this season, the primary registered mentor will receive an email with directions on how to register with the SoCal FTC region for your event season. SoCal FTC will assign your team to a League. If you are a veteran team, you will be assigned to the League you previously attended; if you are a new team, you will be assigned based on zip code and availability.  If you wish to change Leagues, you may request to be switched. This, however, can only be done once, is subject to availability and it must be done before the first League Meet. To see other teams in your League, please go to the Leagues dropdown menu and click on League List.

2. Register with SoCal FTC and pay the $300 registration fee.

To register your team with the SoCal FTC region, click here. The SoCal FTC registration fee will be $300. This includes up to 4 League Meets (up to 20 match plays) and 1 Interleague Tournament with 5 match plays, judging, playoffs and live audience. Any registration questions can be sent to Your team must be fully registered with FIRST and SoCal FTC to retain your League spot.

To read information on Leagues and Inter-League Tournaments, please go to the Leagues dropdown menu and click on League Information. (If you are in the San Diego County area, please visit for their league registration.)


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