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Supporting future STEM standouts!

Committee Members

We are a non-profit organization with the purpose to develop students’ technical and interpersonal skills through FIRST robot competitions for the SoCal FTC area teams.  Our committee is based on 100% volunteerism. Some of us have full time jobs in companies or schools, some of us are retired, and some of us are students and do not receive payment for organizing and running these events.  If you would like to be part of our planning team, please contact info@socalftc.org.

Alex Fax
President, Next Careers
Theresa Klemme
FIRST® Co-Program Delivery Partner; Event Manager
Patrick Brophy
FIRST® Co-Program Delivery Partner; Secretary, NEXT Careers, Event Manager
Brian Johnson
Ellen McIsaac
Treasurer, NEXT Careers
Abigail Rehard
Administrative Assistant; Head Registration; Regional Website
Bob Meinhard
Regional Lead Judge Advisor
Eddie Shek
Social Media / Marketing Specialist; Dean's List
Stacey MacPherson
Kickoff Coordinator, Event Host
Amanda Sullivan
Kickoff Coordinator, Discord Moderator
Tom Dobson
Event Host
Kenneth Wah
Event Host
Nathan MacPherson
Head Referee
Ian Johnson
Head Referee
Brian Bugert
Head Scorekeeper
Rachel Johnson
Judge Advisor; Backup Scorekeeper
Terry Domae
Regional Lead Robot Inspector
Corey Porter
Co-Regional Judge Advisor
Cindy Prestwood-Chung
Judge Advisor Support
Sung Choi
Robot Tuesday
Erin Rehard
Committee Member


To learn more about SoCal FTC volunteer positions and how you can be involved, click here.


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