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FIRST  Tech Challenge Links and Resources

Here are links to the official FIRST Tech Challenge resources to get you started in the right direction:

SoCal Region:

Game Description and Manuals:

Registering and Buying Stuff:


Helpful Resources for Students:


FIRST offers access to millions of dollars in scholarships for participants. Check out the Scholarships page on for scholarship information and opportunities!

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FIRST Tech Main Links

Navigating the FIRST® Website: Useful Links Listed below are all pages that FIRST® Tech Challenge Teams may require both throughout their competition season, and during the off-season. Make sure to bookmark the pages you feel would best help you and your Team! If you still find that you require additional help, feel free to reach out to the FIRST HQ team at

Overview Pages
FIRST Tech Challenge main
Game Materials – Includes all the season materials, including the Game Manuals, link to the Forum, Forum Answered Questions, Field instructions, and link to buy field element.
Getting Started
Starting a Team Resources – Includes step-by-step resources for starting an FIRST Tech Challenge team.
Fundraising Resources – Includes resources for budgeting and fundraising, including grants and resources from the FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge Fundraising Toolkits.
Resource Library – The location of all FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge Resources. Organized in “articles”, resources are grouped together by subject and can be saved to your personal Resource Library by clicking on the heart when signed in
Team, Robots, and Technology!
Team Management Resources – Includes all the resources for Mentors and Teams on running the team: the Mentor Manual, fundraising, training, Engineering Notebook, preparing for competition, Awards, and more.
Robot Building Resources – Includes all of the resources for building the robot, including the PushBot Build Guides, Robot Wiring Guide, PTC design resources, and new technology resources.
Technology Resources – Includes all resources for the new Android-based technology, including programming resources, Troubleshooting Guides, link to the Forum, etc.
Preparing for Competition Resources – Includes a checklist of items and resources to ensure your team is prepared for competition.
Events Search Portal – Find local events (from tournaments to workshops and scrimmages).
FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List – Every registered FIRST Tech Challenge Team is able to nominate 2 students (10th or 11th grade) to be recognized for their leadership and dedication to FIRST. Learn more about this amazing award!
Volunteer Resources – Includes all volunteer training manuals and instructions for accessing the Schoology training.
Super-Regional Championships – Information regarding the four U.S. based Super-Regional Championships.not available at this time
Outreach and Social Media
Outreach & Marketing Resources – Includes resources and links to resources, virtual badges, marketing materials and team recruitment resources.
Links to Social Media – All FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge Social Media pages.
World Championship Results & Hall of Fame –Location of all previous World Championships winners.
Beyond the Competition
FIRST Tech Challenge in the Classroom Resources –Many FIRST Tech Challenge Mentors and Coaches are also teachers in the classroom. Find additional resources herenot available at this time
FIRST Scholarships – Be proactive and start looking at what scholarships are available!
FIRST Alumni & Internships – FIRST participants are able to search out internships made available for students who have participated in high school level FIRST programs. Network with the FIRST Alumni page and ensure you are always connected even after graduating from FIRST Tech Challenge.