Inter-League Tournament Assignments

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Inter-League Tournament Assignments

Teams, We have had a record team turn out this year with 170 FTC teams registered in the SoCal FTC Region!  As part of your $300.00 SoCal FTC registration fee, each team is invited to 4 League Meets which are taking place now over the next 3 months. Each Meet has 5 matches per team. Your top 10 matches from Meets 1, 2 and 3 will carry with you to your Inter-League Tournament.  Each team is automatically invited to the Inter-League Tournament. 

Below are the League assignments for our Inter-League Tournaments (ILT) in February. We have very full ILTs and a long day planned. We assigned Leagues to keep the event under 30 teams (but over 24 teams), so we can evenly advance 7 teams from each ILT event to Championships. I am asking that teams make all efforts to attend the ILT date assigned to their team. There is no space to move teams from one Inter-Leauge Tournament to another.

As a reminder, each Inter-League Tournament requires approximately 75 volunteers in order for the ILT event to be successful. We ask each team to provide 2 volunteers, preferably for the position they volunteered for at Meets so training will have already been completed. ILT events will be listed on VMS by Saturday (

Inter-League Tournament Assignments:

ILT #1: February 4, 2023 (Heritage HS, Romoland): Teams from F2 and O1

ILT #2: February 5, 2023 (Heritage HS, Romoland): Teams from F1 and W

ILT #3: February 18, 2023 (Monrovia HS, Monrovia): Teams from C2 and D

ILT #4: February 19, 2023 (Monrovia HS, Monrovia): Teams from C1 and A2

ILT #5: February 25, 2023 (Diamond Bar HS, Walnut): Teams from B and V

ILT #6: February 26, 2023 (Diamond Bar HS, Walnut): Teams from A1 and E