Panasonic Team Grant

Supporting future STEM standouts!

Panasonic Team Grant

Great News Teams! The Panasonic Foundation has generously donated funds to the SoCal FTC region to be used to support rookie and veteran FTC teams in the SoCal Region with $300 grants. In order to apply for this grant, please fill out the below survey. Recipients will be notified by the SoCal FTC Committee by November 4th.

Grants will first be applied to unpaid SoCal FTC regional registration fees. If a team has already paid their SoCal FTC registration fee, then the grant money will be paid to the team’s organization directly.

All applications must be received by October 28th. To apply, click on: FTC Team Grants 2022 (

NOTE: If your organization receives a grant and you are not a non-profit organization, there may be a tax liability associated with receiving the grant. If this is the case, we suggest you check with an accountant before accepting the grant. The grant money must be used during this 2022-2023 POWERPLAY season. If your team is selected, we will require your W9 or individual tax ID number. All information supplied in the application survey will be subject to verification.