SoCal FTC Championship – Awards and Advancements

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SoCal FTC Championship – Awards and Advancements

Hello SoCal FTC Teams,

Thank you ALL for a great in-person event on Saturday! Even with rain, traffic accidents and 42 teams, we did a great job completing matches in record time. I appreciate all of you who provided volunteers – we had over 130 people to run the event. It made a real difference in running a smooth, efficient, and FUN tournament!

We will be progressing 3 teams to WORLDS in Houston. Those teams are:

  • 11770 Curiosity – Inspire Winner
  • 18457 GatorBytes – Winning Alliance Captain
  • 18457 GatorBytes – Inspire 2nd Place (previously advanced)
  • 7767 BluePrints – Winning Alliance, 1st team selected   

For a full list of our awards, please see the list below.

Award Category3/11 Championship
Winning Alliance Captain18457 GatorBytes
Winning Alliance, 1st team selected7767 BluePrints
Winning Alliance, 2nd team selected10298 Brainstormz
Finalist Alliance captain21380 Beyond Robotics
Finalist Alliance, 1st team selected21982 Inkieers
Finalist Alliance, 2nd team selected15091 aztec.exe
Inspire Winner11770 Curiosity
Inspire 2nd Place18457 GatorBytes
Inspire 3rd Place25 RocknRoll Robots
Think Award Winner3526 Marlbots
Think 2nd Place5218 Javabots
Think 3rd Place12675 Hermit Social Club
Connect Award Winner14295 Operation T.A.C.
Connect 2nd place6436 AlphaGenesis
Connect 3rd place7767 BluePrints
Collins Aerospace Innovate Winner21525 Blockheads
Collins Innovate 2nd place359 WEBB.exe
Innovate 3rd place4348 RoboKnights
Control Award Winner10298 BrainStormZ
Control Award 2nd6282 SimiValley Robotics
Control Award 3rd21380 Beyond Robotics
Motivate Winner25 Rock N Roll Robots
Motivate 2nd place5218 Javabots
Motivate 3rd place12861 RoboHeroes
Design Award Winner7767 BluePrints
Design Award 2nd Place12675 Hermit Social Club
Design Award 3rd Place19510 Voltec
Judge16321 X Drive
Judge 2ndx
Judge 3rdx
Promote Video14295 Operation T.A.C
Promote Video 2nd11770 Curiosity
Promote Video 3rd15091 aztec.exe
Compass VideoJohn Landa 14863 RGB
Compass Video 2ndEmmanuel Valdovinos 17600 MoVal
Compass Video 3rdIvan Yeung 21982 Inkieers
Dean’s List Finalists542 Perry H.
14863 Noraly R.
10298 Teague S.
18253 Hudson A.

Scores are uploaded on 

To see photos from the championship, click here.

Theresa Klemme


FIRST Robotics FTC Event Coordinator and Co-Affiliate Partner for Los Angeles