Volunteers for Upcoming ILTs

Supporting future STEM standouts!

Volunteers for Upcoming ILTs


Tournament play starts in late January! All teams are invited to an event. See here: https://socalftc.org/calendar/

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! It takes 75 people to run the event, and we need 2 volunteers from each team to have a successful day. In the trained roles – referee, inspector, scorekeeper – please request the same jobs you held at League. There are many simple jobs too – judge runner, querer, field reset, pit runner… please volunteer! VMS is open now to volunteer: https://socalftc.org/volunteers/#page-content

Volunteer Registration Rules:

All adults and students must go through the VMS system to volunteer. This assures the person is screened with the Youth Protection criteria. We want our students to be safe, so all volunteers must be screened.