SoCal FTC Kickoff Details

Supporting future STEM standouts!

SoCal FTC Kickoff Details

We welcome all teams and potential teams to join us for our annual SoCal FTC Kickoff and virtual/in-person workshops this Saturday, September 10th, from 8:30-12pm at Monrovia High School. There will also be a SoCal FTC Kickoff event and virtual/in-person workshops held at Heritage High School (26001 Briggs Road, Romoland) in Menifee for those who cannot make our Monrovia High School Event.

Kickoff Schedule

• 8:30 AM Doors Open

• 9:00 AM Intro Welcome, Season Overview – Theresa Klemme, FIRST Co-Affiliate Partner for SoCal FTC

• 9:15 AM Game Reveal Video

• 9:45 AM Workshop Session #1

• 10:30 AM Break Out/Transition

• 10:45 AM Breakout Session #2

• 12:00 PM Kickoff Over

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 827 0595 2770

Passcode: 613068

Workshop Details

  1. Judging – Bob Meinhard (Video/In Person)
  2. Engineering Portfolio – FTC Team Curiosity 11770 (In-Person)
  3. Getting Support from your Community – FTC Team Alpha Genesis 6436 (In-Person)
  4. Meet World Inspire Award Finalist Winners: Team Wolf Corp – FTC Team Wolf Corp 12525 (In-Person)
  5. All About The Pit: Team Wolf Corp – FTC Team Wolf Corp 12525 (In-Person)
  6. Broke Bot Challenge – Strategy and design on a budget – FTC Team Hermit Social Club 12675 (In-Person)
  7. Robots in the Real World: History, Development, And Applications of Robotic Surgery Technology. How The Tech Is Currently Used (and Where It Is Headed) – Dr. Yanghee Woo (In-Person)
  8. FTC Rules – Heritage High School Teams (Virtual/Video)
  9. Java Programming (Video)

Monrovia High School Map