SoCal FTC Kickoff Update

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SoCal FTC Kickoff Update

Just a couple of last minute announcements. The SoCal FTC Kickoff at Heritage High School has unfortunately been cancelled due to the current fires in the area. Please be aware that we are expecting rain during the Monrovia High School event. Plan accordingly. Since some of our workshops are pre-recorded, below is the link to the shared drive folder with the videos. We will hopefully be able to record the in-person workshops as well after the kickoff event.

Please bring a laptop, tablet, or mobile device fully charged if you plan to watch anything on Zoom at the event, along with headphones.

All teams are welcome to bring their robots from last year to the kickoff. It is a great way to gather ideas for this year’s game and learn from other teams in the SoCal FTC region. You will be responsible for your own robot and any other materials.

At Monrovia High School, the 900s Building is where the workshops will take place. The Auditorium is located in the 100s Building where the Opening Speech and Game Reveal Video will take place. Outside the 900s Building will be where the field is located. There are two parking lots with limited spaces. Some street parking is available.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!