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ILT’s #1 and #2 – Updated Submission Deadlines

Hello League F1, F2, O1, and W

InterLeague Tournament (ILT) #1 due dates:

  1. Tuesday, January 31 at 11:59 PM – Compass and Promote Videos due (click here for submission)
  2. Thursday, February 2 at 9 PM – Engineering Portfolio, Control Form and Video due (upload to FIRST dashboard)

InterLeague Tournament (ILT) …

SoCal FTC ILT #1 – Important Information

Hello League F1 and League O1,

Your InterLeague Tournament (ILT) #1 in Romoland is one week away! Please click here to view your Welcome Letter and judged times. Below are important deadlines:

  1. Saturday, January 28 at 11:59 PM – Compass and Promote Videos due (click here for submission)
  2. Thursday, February

Dean’s List Interviews

**Deans Interviews, Jan 21 and 22!**

Attention Dean’s List nominated students! Dean’s List Interviews will be held remotely over Zoom on January 21st and 22nd. Once the nomination submittals close on January 15th, students will be assigned an interview time. Two judges will interview each student for 15 minutes. Below …

Dean’s List Award Nominations

Attention Dean’s List Award nominations! January 15, 2023, is the last day to submit Dean’s List Award nominations for ALL SoCal FTC Teams (not 12/15/2022).

Dean’s List Award nominations are open to students in grades 10th and 11th. Please read the Dean’s List Award Nomination Guide for all nomination requirements …

Volunteer at Inter-League Tournaments

As a reminder, each Inter-League Tournament requires approximately 75 volunteers in order to be successful. We ask each team to provide two volunteers, preferably for the positions they volunteered for at the League meets so training will be complete. To volunteer, please click here:
Inter-League Assignments:
February 4, 2023 …

Inter-League Tournament Assignments

Teams, We have had a record team turn out this year with 170 FTC teams registered in the SoCal FTC Region!  As part of your $300.00 SoCal FTC registration fee, each team is invited to 4 League Meets which are taking place now over the next 3 months. Each Meet …

League Meet 0

Hello Teams, SoCal FTC Meet 0 Events have started! Check out the FTC Scores to see scores for SoCal FTC Leagues C1, D, F1, F2 and V - in addition to the rest of the USA (

Panasonic Team Grant

Great News Teams! The Panasonic Foundation has generously donated funds to the SoCal FTC region to be used to support rookie and veteran FTC teams in the SoCal Region with $300 grants. In order to apply for this grant, please fill out the below survey. Recipients will be notified by …

Register with FIRST and SoCal FTC

Teams - make sure you register and pay with FIRST and SoCal FTC to assure your spot in Leagues. Both payments need to be received by November 5 (before Meet 0). If your team name is in pink font on the League List your registration is complete.

SoCal FTC Kickoff Update

Just a couple of last minute announcements. The SoCal FTC Kickoff at Heritage High School has unfortunately been cancelled due to the current fires in the area. Please be aware that we are expecting rain during the Monrovia High School event. Plan accordingly. Since some of our workshops are pre-recorded, …